Buffet Dinner

- Our Story -

It all began began 10 years ago with a couple from India.


Curry King's Chef's use precision and care in blending exotic spices to create unique and authentic flavors while providing you the authenticity of traditional Indian Cuisine.

The love and appreciation towards each and every ingredient in your food from the chef's and a friendly and heartfelt service of our front staff will make your dine in experience magically memorable.

Come dine in at Curry King Restaurant and experience the joy of food worth sharing with all your loved ones.

“Flavorful as a way of life.” 

 -   A wise man -



“Flavors of India - The best Indian food
is made right here in Denmark, Western Australia”

-  Chef Gill  -

“An extraordinary experience for the taste buds.”

-  Kash   -

* * *